Yoga isn't about turning yourself into a pretzel! Everyone can do yoga.

Yoga is about feeling balanced, whole & fully alive. The health of our physical bodies affects every aspect of our life experience. Yoga enhances physical well-being, mental sharpness & emotional balance.

Can't touch your toes? Come find out how!

Feeling agitated, anxious or stressed out? Yoga's better than Prozac!

Louise's life-long passion as a teacher is to inspire each one of her students to experience & express the joy of being alive.

"I sing the body electric.............the exquisite realisation of health."

Walt Whitman




"As one who shunned exercise and neglected my body throughout my life, I took my first yoga class with Louise seven years ago and now I see her twice a week. Louise is a superb teacher, she guides, inspires, and motivates her students to reach deeply inside themselves and to constantly move forward to ever higher levels of awareness and understanding.

"She is very clear in her explanations and directions and she makes it possible for cerebral people like me to finally make the connection between mind and body and then learn how to continue to strengthen and nourish that connection. Her ability to teach and relate to vastly different types of people is a rare gift. Knowing and learning from Louise has changed my life…much for the better."

Ruth Getter, PhD Chief Bank Economist.